Hood Type Dishwasher Market- Energy Consumption Versus Standard Machines in the Market Today

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Hood Type Dishwasher Market – Overview

A hood type dishwasher is a predominantly used for commercial application and is also known as pass through dishwasher. Amongst the different type of commercial dishwashers available in the market, hood type are relatively efficient as there is no need of bending or lifting as in case of other counter machines.

Moreover, in the hood type dishwasher, the soiled and the clean dishes are kept at separate places. Racks can be loaded while the machine is in process, then the clean rack pushed out as a soiled one enters the wash chamber. Owing to separation of the dishes placed, hygiene is also improved. The complete operation is smooth and results in reduction in running costs and energy consumption versus standard machines in the market today

Factors such as growth in tourism and hospitality industry backed by growing preference of population to dine out is expected to drive the hood type dishwasher market globally. Hotels and Restaurants across the globe have both a strong commercial and moral imperative for addressing water use. It is estimated that water accounts for 10% of utility bills in most hotels. Moreover, water consumed by hotels costs twice to the hotel owners – first costs in incurred on purchasing fresh water in form of some taxes and then the cost for disposing of it as waste water. Use of dishwashers and other associated equipment assists hotels in reducing the amount of water consumed per guest per night by up to 50% compared with establishments with poor performance in water consumption.

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Hood Type Dishwasher Market – Segmentation

The global hood type dishwasher market can be segmented based on the capacity, price, distribution channel, application and region. Based on capacity, the hood type dishwasher market can be further classified into Up to 40 racks/hour, 41 to 60 racks/hour, 61 to 80 racks/hour and above 80 racks/hour. Based on the price, the hood type dishwasher market can be classified into premium and economy. Based on the application, the hood type dishwasher market can be classified into Residential and Commercial. The commercial segment is further sub divided into Retail, Hospitality, and Food & Beverage Processing. Based on the distribution channel, the global hood type dishwasher market can be segmented into Online and Offline distribution channel. The offline channel of distribution can be further classified into Hypermarkets/Supermarkets, Departmental Stores and Specialty Stores. Many online retail stores create events to increase sales through themed promotions, such as with the Indian festivals, Christmas, Rugby World Cup etc. which is supporting the sales of dishwashers though online retail stores market. The seamless shopping experience with the dominance of private label brands and rising internet penetration is encouraging consumers to buy dishwashers online.

Based on region, the global hood type dishwasher market can be categorized into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. Hood type Dishwasher sales is expected to be dominant in North America and European region, availability of technologically advanced dishwashers is expected to further push the demand for hood type dishwasher. Further, it is expected that the growth of the global hood type dishwasher market is expected to be the fastest in the Asia Pacific region. This growth is supported by countries such as Australia, Japan, China and India

Hood Type Dishwasher Market – Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the global hood type dishwasher market includes Electrolux AB, HOBART GmbH, Fagor Electrodomésticos, Meiko International, Middleby Celfrost, Washmatic India Pvt. Ltd., IFB, Whirlpool Professional Appliances, Metos Kitchen Intelligence (Ali Group), Acrysil Incorporated. German ware-washing company Meiko has launched a new hood type dishwasher to its M-iClean under counter range called M-iClean H. Product offers new features such as a hood that opens and closes automatically, a drying table, stainless steel pipework, waste water heat recovery, and a mechanism designed to stop heat escaping from the machine.