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Lemon Essential Oil Market Driven by Increasing Prominence in Aromatherapy

Lemon essential oil is defined as oil that is processed from fresh lemon peels, which is used as a food additive by enhancing the traditional lemon flavor. Lemon essential oil is generally manufactured by the cold pressed method, wherein, the fresh fragrance of lemon is maintained throughout the process. Due to its exotic fragrance, lemon essential oil also finds remunerative application in the cosmetic and personal care industries, along with food and beverages. Lemon essential oil is a highly concentrated flavoring ingredient, which enables its huge industrial application.

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The excessive use of antibiotics for promoting animal growth and preventing livestock diseases has led to antibiotic resistance in most farm animals. This antibiotic resistance is further transmitted to humans when the meat of farm animals is consumed. The high consumption of meat has escalated this problem to concerning levels, with antibiotic resistance being considered as a significant threat to humans across the world. Oils derived from citrus peels, such as lemon essential oil, are considered as potential alternatives to animal feed antibiotics. Lemon essential oil is expected to be an ideal alternative to antibiotics, as it has the potential to induce growth in animal, and also helps in preventing diseases. Thus, lemon essential oil is expected to have greater opportunities in the animal feed industry during the forecast period.

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The increasing demand for beverages in the regions of Western Europe and Latin America is expected to create vital opportunities for dynamic players in the global lemon essential oil market. The ever-rising demand for nutraceuticals with natural ingredients and flavors is also expected to result in the significant sales of lemon essential oil for processing these products. Key players operating in the lemon essential oil market are expected to leverage this opportunity during the forecast period. Food and beverage companies are highly focusing on research and development activities to enhance the nutritional and multifunctional profile of lemon essential oil that offers more health benefits.

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Bound to all the above driving factors, it is anticipated that, the global lemon essential oil market would proliferate in terms of value and volume during the forecast period.