Portable Lamps Market Status and Forecast, by Players, Types and Applications

Press Release

Portable lamps are light sources that are easy to move and quick to deploy across different locations. There has been rapid adoption of portable lamps across the globe. Portable light lamps are a vital source of light essential for performing a specific tasks in extreme darkness or at night time. They are used for varied range of applications across many industries such as manufacturing, construction military and defense sector. Portable lamp lights offers durability to work in severe conditions and requires very low cost of low maintenance. They are more preferred because of their higher battery life and efficient working.

Growing urbanization and demand for new technologies are also some of the major factor resulting into rising growth of portable lamps market. Various portable lamp manufacturers have been focusing on several issues such as long predictable life, low energy consumption, accurate color rendering, light pollution and introduction of environment friendly lighting system resulting into growth of portable lamps market. This trend has been favorably impacting the growth of portable light lamps. The positive outlook for the market can also be attributed to the fact that portable light lamps are already witnessing high demand, which is expected to further surge in the coming year across globe.

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Market expansion of the global portable lamp market are restricted due to expensive prices of these portable light. On the other hand, lack of awareness is acting as the restricting factor for portable lamps market. The major restraint has been the unfavorable environment to use these portable light market. Although developed nation are equipped to some extent but developing nations are still in the process to using fully advanced technologies. Manufacturer also found it difficult to sell products in these developing nation. High initial investment and operational cost is another hinder seen in portable light market. North America likely to show significant amount of growth owing to rising level of income and awareness among people

The global portable lamps market can be segmented based on product, end-user, and region. In terms of product, the portable lamps market can be classified into Halogen lighting, Metal Halide lighting, Incandescent lighting, Fluorescent lighting, and LED Lighting. Based on end-use, the portable lamps market can be segregated into industrial, commercial and residential. Commercial Segment is further categorized into Quarry & Mining, Building & Construction, Military, Sports & Entertainment, Energy and others. Further in terms of region, the global portable lamps market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. Asia Pacific are key regions of the global portable light market. This is anticipated due to various factors such as rapidly developing infrastructure, coupled with the speedy growth of various industries, and increasing deployment of portable light in these industries.  Europe is expected to be second dominant region owing to rising lifestyle and developing infrastructure.

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Key players operating in the portable lamps market include Larson Electronics LLC, Dooosan Portable Power and J C Bamford Excavators Ltd, Generac Power Systems, Inc.etc. The major strategy adopted by these key players are new product innovation and development.Larson Electronics LLC, a major industrial lighting industry participant, has launched a 150-watt quadpod mounted explosion-proof LED portable light lamp.

In the same month they introduced a five-stage portable light tower notified as a telescoping tower. It is fitted with an integrated camera that provides an effective and safe way to monitor and manage secure locations from an elevated position. Manufacturers of portable lamp are focusing on building an effective sales and distribution infrastructure for their products across globe. They are also adopting online sales channel to boost their sales. Furthermore, they are providing discounts for online purchases, to promote online sales and increase their customer base.