An In-Depth Look at Split-Type Air Conditioning Units: Which One is Best for You?

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Air conditioning is an invaluable addition to any property, whether it’s a domestic residence or a business or commercial establishment, even in the UK. If you have your own business, you may well be considering air conditioning for your premises. AC systems available today can also be capable of generating heat rather than just cool air. This means that you can use the same system all year round in all seasons. You certainly have a lot of choices when it comes to air conditioning, but most business owners choose to have split air conditioning systems for their properties, and for good reason. 

If you are thinking the same, here’s an in-depth look at split-type air conditioning units and systems: which one is best for you?

The basics on split systems 

There are different kinds of split type air conditioners on the market today, but their main feature is that they are comprised of inner and outer components. These separate components are connected or linked by copper pipes and electric cabling where the refrigerant can flow from the internal to the external unit and vice versa. The compressor of a split unit is usually outside, since it is bulky and noisy, whilst the other component is located inside. The unit for indoor use is also quieter and much lighter as well. 

The kinds of split units available 

  • The wall-mounted unit 

The wall-mounted unit is arguably the most popular kind of split unit. You can choose to have it either installed with an ‘engineer fit’ or with an ‘easy fit.’ A wall-mounted unit with an engineer fit will not be supplied with interconnecting pipes. This means that the unit’s installation is entirely bespoke to your building. The engineer fit installation can be expensive, but it is neat and fits the structure, which means that your building or structure will have a better resale value if you sell it at a later date. The unit is usually installed above head height. It can also come set up with different operating modes such as a heat pump, remote control, a timer and air purification. 

The easy fit wall-mounted unit, on the other hand, comes with interconnecting pipes and cables, and these are encased in plastic sheeting when you purchase it. This makes it easy to connect, hence the term ‘easy fit.’ The system, which includes the pipe, will be pre-charged with a refrigerant and any electrician or even someone with DIY skills can easily install it. However, recent regulations require such units to be installed by a qualified engineer as well, so keep this in mind when deciding upon which unit is best for you. 

  • The ceiling cassette or cartridge unit 

Ceiling cassette units are more common in offices and are widely used for commercial air conditioning. They are often designed to fit with a single or two tile spaces on the ceiling. The major portion of the unit isn’t seen because it is above the line of the ceiling. The only part that is visible is the decorative facing equipped with a central grille and louvres. These units are aesthetically-pleasing, and are also great at delivering heat or cool air across a larger area since they can distribute the air in four directions. Just one single unit can do the job of three or even four wall-mounted split units.   


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