Benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel

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Even still today our elders advise us to drink water from a copper vessel due to the numerous benefits arising from it. Still most of them drink water from a copper vessel, but the young generation has switched over to plastic or metallic bottles. As these old traditions make our way on to the present, it would be really beneficial in understanding the benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel. But make sure that you use filtered water in it. You can check for RO water purifiers and many companies are offering good RO plan.

Before we cast our aspersions on how drinking water from a copper vessel, we need to figure out how copper is important for a human body. Copper is one of the essential minerals that have numerous health benefits. In production of energy it has a vital role to play. Now once you have an idea about the benefits of copper let us figure out the benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel.

The benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel

Helps to trim down weight

Copper forces the digestive system to function in an effective manner as it helps to lose the stored fat in your body. This broken fat is then eradicated from your body in a quick manner. If you are looking to lose a lot of weight without too much of an exercise it is advisable to drink water stored in a copper vessel.

Improves digestion

Copper possess anti -bacterial properties which removes the harmful bacteria in your stomach that in turn contributes to better digestion. For ulcer and infection it is an excellent remedy. In order to detoxify your body you can even drink water stored in a copper vessel.

Combats the issue of ageing

Once we age wrinkles appear on our face. Copper is blessed with anti -oxidant properties and has cell formation properties. In case if you are looking down to slow down the process of ageing it is better to drink water from a copper vessel as it wards off the free radicals.

Combats anaemia

The moment levels of copper our low in our body less iron is absorbed. This deficiency could lead to a situation of anaemia. For natural absorption of iron in our body we can stick to increasing intake of copper.

How to drink water from a copper vessel in a safe and proper manner

The benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel are immense. A lot of people are of the opinion that drinking water from a copper vessel is enough, but it has to be done in a safe and efficient manner. Let us follow a series of tips on how to drink water from a copper vessel

  • The quality of copper vessel from where you are drinking water is important. The copper vessel needs to be purchased from a reliable copper seller. Make sure that the device is 100 % copper.
  • Once you have gone on to purchase a new copper vessel, do not drink water directly from it. A sensible move would be to rinse it with an acidic solution. Even salt or lemon could be used for cleaning the copper vessel.
  • At no point you should not drink water that is stored in a copper vessel for more than 12 hours.
  • In the copper jar no liquid other than water needs to be stored.
  • The copper bottle should not be deep freeze.

All throughout the day do not keep on drinking water from a copper vessel.  Too much of anything is bad and this would be applicable in case of copper as well. To drink water once in a day infused with copper would be a sensible option.

Myths surrounding copper

There is a myth stating that copper is harmful for the human body. This does not seem to be true as copper is one of the necessary minerals needed for the human body. For the metabolic procedure of our body you cannot discount the over reliance on copper. In fact copper can only prove to be poison prone if you end up consuming corroded copper. For this reason a suggestion would be to purchase a jug that is 100 % made from copper.

The human body does not produce copper naturally and you need to rely on an external source. One of the best ways to achieve this would be to drink water from a copper vessel.

In fact, to drink water from a copper vessel is not merely enough. The water has to be stored in a copper vessel and then drink it to maximize the benefits. Once you allow the water to stay for extended hours the copper is absorbed by the water and this acquires natural properties that are beneficial for the human body.

Points to consider when you are purchasing a copper vessel

When you are planning to purchase a copper jar or vessel there are some points to consider

  • You need to purchase copper vessels that are 100 % authentic. Do not resort to the purchase of copper with any other materials.
  • The copper vessels that you purchase needs to have a large mouth. With prolonged use the image of copper is tarnished and regular cleaning would be a norm. If a narrow mouth exists it would be really difficult to wash the vessel.
  • A sensible move would be to buy from a reliable store. 
  • In certain cases, some versions of adulterated copper are being sold as 100 % copper. Now it would be a really difficult task to check out whether it is real copper or not. The best way to find out whether it is pure copper is to apply lime and clean it. The surface would give out a shiny look.

Final thoughts

A combination of ancient traditions in combination with modern science would provide ample reasons in drinking water out from a copper vessel. The key is not to go overboard with copper infused water. In a natural way, drink water from your copper vessel once or twice in a day.